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Parents Club

Parent Club meetings are now the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. To receive email reminders about parent club events and to get the Zoom link for the meetings, parents should email the Parent Club at or check out the Scio Parent Club Facebook page. As always, parent and community involvement is greatly appreciated and valued at Centennial!

2023-2024 Centennial Room Parents

Lindsay Alsup (Kindergarten)
Jennifer James (Kindergarten)
Stacy McAllister (1st Grade)
Megan Traeger (1st Grade)
Michelle Lefeber (2nd Grade)
Chari Justesen (2nd Grade)
Savanna Green (3rd Grade)
Jaymi Silbernagel (3rd Grade)
DeeAnn moore (4th Grade)
Kyrianna Sorensen (4th Grade)
Bailey Henson (5th Grade)
Scott Golden (5th Grade)

Parent Club President: Sheleen Kligel

Parent Club Vice President: Holly Wetherford

Volunteer Coordinator: Katie Hartley

Secretary: Mandy Siegmund

Treasurer: Katrina Fallin

Special Event Coordinator: Emma Johnson

All parents are welcome to contribute and support our classrooms. Please coordinate with our Centennial Room Parents.